The Australian Coat of Arms

Queens Square Law Courts, Courtroom #1, Philip St, Sydney NSW.

The Coat of Arms during the Ceremony for the retirement of Chief Justice Black

The Coat of Arms during the Ceremony for the retirement of Chief Justice Black

Australian Coat of Arms

In 2010 I completed a commission for a 300 kilo cast lead crystal Australian Coat of Arms. It was installed in Courtroom One of the Queens Square Law Courts, Philip St, Sydney NSW.

The Number One Courtroom occupies level 21 of the Queens Square Law Courts, in Sydney, New South Wales. The courtroom accommodates some of the most important legal proceedings in Australia as well as many important events on the Australian legal calendar. The brief required the courtroom to be inviting, dignified, high quality and contain works of fine craftsmanship. The design intent was to acknowledge the openness, transparency and vision of our accessible legal system. The coat of arms, a major courtroom element, was designed and crafted while working closely with the design team to ensure a fully integrated outcome.

The transparent nature of glass and in particular the clarity that has been achieved by using lead crystal is a symbolic reference to the need for transparency in the legal system. The textures and marks carved into the work allude to the the vitality of Sydney as the harbour city and the use of glass reflects this connection to water.

The glass coat of arms also compliments other aspects of the courtroom design such as the walls which represent ocean cliffs, and the solid blackwood benches which have been designed to represent a hull of a boat.

The completed work will is 2 metres wide, 1.5 metres high and 15cm deep and weighs around 300 kilos.

The finished courtroom was officially unveiled in March 2010 during a ceremony to mark the retirement of Chief Justice Black whom had been very involved in the commissioning of artists, architects, designers and craftspersons for all aspects of the courtroom.

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