Road Trip series



Road Trip, Rain on the Hume

I often take photos of roads and views from the vehicles I am travelling in as I ponder where I am going or when I’ll return home. Road trips often bring up nostalgic feelings or a longing for my home.

 These images were taken on a trip from Canberra to Sydney in January this year when there were wild storms and torrential rain along the Hume Highway. I had to pull the car over several times as there was so much rain I couldn’t see the road ahead of me.

 During the process of printing the image onto a ceramic decal and then firing onto the glass the colours have serendipitously changed to more of a blue hue. This is reminiscent of past works of mine such as “The Blue Hour” that reference those moments of atmospheric light when the light is either retreating or about to illuminate the new day.

 Intensity of colour, translucency and captured light combine to evoke notions of an ephemeral landscape and encourage the viewer to consider the transitory nature of human existence.