Morning light in Pialligo / by Wendy Dawes

Last Sunday – during one of Canberra's last fits of winter – I had a photographer visit to shoot some candid shots of me and my studio, a little tin shed nestled amongst the hobby farms and nurseries of Pialligo. You can pick up a bag of my landlord's horse poo for $2 just outside my door if you visit.

I share the studio with a stalwart of the Canberra (and international) glass community, Kirstie Rea.

We do all our coldworking in an old brick hut next door – the walls are sheeted with stainless steel, a melancholy reminder of it's abattoir past (but still very useful for our purposes).

Two minutes down the road and you're amongst the gleaming new offices of the Brindabella Business Park and Canberra Airport – in a few weeks we'll be watching the first international flight to Canberra Airport fly over.

But, despite it's proximity to all that bustle, it feels like a world away, tucked behind a budding cherry blossom tree, with the feint sounds of horses housed in the shed just across the dirt road, and the bright light (and occasional) warmth of the winter sun that beams through highlighter windows.